• The World’s Tallest Snowman was built to bring attention to the Bethel area and allow the total community to come together for a project. The people of Bethel and the surrounding area worked 5 months to plan and build the 113’7” tall snowman which broke the former record held by Yamagata, Japan of 96’7”. At 9:30 am on Wednesday, February 17, 1999 the record was officially broken. Two town officials, a regional photographer, a videographer, a licensed professional surveyor and the president of the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce were on hand to verify the actual size and height for the Guinness Book of Records.
    • Natural snow was used as much as possible, plus snow made at Sunday river Ski Resort and trucked to the site, and snow made on site with snow guns. The snow was stacked higher each day using a crane with a clam shell bucket to lift 3700 bucket loads of snow.
    • A form was made from old highway signs about 4 feet high; each time the form was moved up, a sign was removed to make the snowman narrower. Volunteers shoveled snow and packed it with their feet to fit the form.
    • It took 15 days, once enough snow was available, and hundreds of volunteers to complete the World’s Tallest Snowman – a real community effort.
    • A celebration and dedication was held February 19, 1999 with the Governor of Maine, Angus King, participating. A local radio station had chosen the snowman’s name, “Angus, King of the Mountain,” earlier in a contest. Good Morning America had a live telecast from the snowman site early that morning in which hundreds of local people participated.
    • News of this great feat spread all over the world through newspaper articles, radio and television. People visited Bethel from all over the state, the country, and the world to see the World’s Tallest Snowman, take pictures, and enjoy the area! From the time he started to be built until he melted, Bethel was a very busy place. People are still coming to Bethel to see pictures, and visit the local area where the World’s Tallest Snowman was built
    • This fantastic feat was coordinated by the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce, but would not have been possible with the cooperation of the following:
    1. Dozens of businesses throughout Maine
    2. Telstar Middle School
    3. Crescent Park Elementary School
    4. Ladies of the United Methodist Church
    5. Honorable Angus S. King, Jr.
    6. Local municipal government
    7. Dozens of volunteers
    8. Sunday River Ski Resort
    9. Bancroft Contracting
    10. Gould Academy
    11. Jim Sysko, Engineer
    12. WD Matthews
    13. Richard Douglas Heavy Equipment
    14. Newry Fire Department
    15. Bethel Station Limited Partners
    • Stop by the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce office in the train station to see the 10’ wood carving replica of the World’s Tallest Snowman and the official Guinness Book of Records certificate. Made in Bethel, Maine February 19, 1999 Listed in Guinness World Records 2002, page 123

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